Senin, 27 Juni 2011

About Temperature Calibration

calibration of a thermometer
Calibration is a process of comparing the response of the instrument to agree with standard instrument for measuring range, to determine the deviation between the measurement values ​​are correct and appropriate
value (an industrial calibrator is thus "true value").

In order to maintain consistent quality of products manufactured, it is required to perform the calibration process on the sensor and instrument. There is is the philosophy of some of the calibration measurement and control circuit. The basis of the method chosen must always be to incorporate temperature sensor. 

This does not make sense just to calibrate and adjust the electronic part of loop. A rule of thumb says that only 10% of the total error in electronics, nad the other 90% is in the sensing element. So it is important that
temperature sensor is tested, mean physically affected by the desired temperature. A dry-block calibrator is an easy method for creating a "process" temperature.

The output of the sensor can be taken from anywhere in the loop and the rest of the loop can be tested electronically.

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