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Infrared Moisture Analyzer-Infrared Moisture Analyzer-Portable Moisture Analyzers

Infrared Moisture Analyzer-Infrared Moisture Analyzer-Portable Moisture Analyzers

Infrared Moisture Analyzer is a sensitive part of the equipment used to specify the moisture content of various samples. Meanwhile you're sitting on a sample of electronic balance, the room heats the sample with infrared radiation.

MJ33 Infrared Moisture Analyzer
Mettler Toledo MJ33 0.01 Percent Moisture Content Readability Infrared Moisture Analyzer
The MJ33 Infrared Moisture Analyzer offers rugged design, basic functionality, and simple operation for daily routine inspection. It is particularly well – suited for use on the factory floor where samples are tested day in and day out requiring a simple and rugged instrument that provides a very long service life. The MJ33 uses two metal heating elements that dry the sample and deliver reliable results (0.05 percent repeatability moisture content). Routine work is made simple by the instrument led, step by step testing instructions displayed on the LCD back lit display. Fixed end point determination omits the need for programming the switch off criterion further simplifying the operation of the instrument. The MJ33 reliably verifies whether the moisture content meets the specifications, sample by sample, day in, day out.

Halogen Moisture Analyzer
Mettler Toledo HR83P Halogen Moisture Analyzer With Built In Printer
The HR83P Mettler Toledo is the analysis of humidity ideal professional solution for regulated environments. With state of art measurement technology, HR83P allow a reliable analysis of substances with very low the moisture content. A resolution of 0.001 percent and 0.01 percent the moisture content the moisture content measurement repeatability deliver exceptional performance. Circular halogen moisture analyzer 'lamp and gold-plated reflector design ensures excellent reproducibility and rapid heating of your sample. You can also choose from 4 programs drying, a standard step, fast, gentle, and multi for your tailor testing to achieve optimal results within a few minutes. It also comes AutoMet HR83P, methods Mettler Toledo's development program. With AutoMet, the optimal testing methods can be developed for you by the entry of a simple substance of some of the reference and the target value cut development time by 50 percent. Up to 40 test method can be stored for quick and easy to remember and repeat testing. Operation of the moisture analyzer is made easy with backlit LCD and intuitive menus. For full regulatory compliance, HR83P comes equipped with 3 levels of password protection, and fully traceable sample identification and checking of instruments to secure and documented results. HR83P model comes with a built in printer, allowing you to get a print out of your test results without having to connect to an external printer.

Portable Moisture Analyzer

Portable Moisture Analyzer
Convenient and portable, this analysis could see moisture quickly check the performance of gas dryers for compressed air, breathing air and pure gas supplies. Planar capacitive sensor combines accurate dewpoint measurements with fast response time. The sensor is stored in a very dry environment in which speed up the analysis of response time measurements. This instrument can be configured according to the desired moisture unit of measure, unit of measure temperature, or other operating parameters. Measures dewpoint in the shoulder straps come standard planar gas sensors in the drying chamber for various pressure dewpoint measurement fastest response-100C to +20 C humidity user selected measurement unit Fully portable - powered by four common "D" batteries with auto shut down feature two non-IS output large voltage Auto 4 digit LCD screen turn off the timer.

Liquid Level Transmitter-Liquid Level Measurement-Liquid Level Sensor

Liquid Level Transmitter-Liquid Level Measurement-Liquid Level Sensor

Liquid level transmitter LS-10 is designed for economical and reliable performance in a wide range of level measurement applications. LS-10 provides 4-20mA output signal and an accuracy of 0.25 percent of span. Standard pressure ranges are assembled with full-length cable for fast delivery. Compensation for changes in atmospheric pressure is achieved through a ventilation tube in the cable. Many accessories, including cable clamps, dryer drying cartridges, additional weights, and junction boxes are available for special installation requirements. This model can be equipped with attachments LevelGuard for protection in difficult environments. Body: Stainless steel. Pressure connection and diaphragm: Stainless steel. Protective cap: PA. Power supply U (B): 10.

Feature of Liquid level transmitter

WIKA LS-10 Submersible Liquid Level Pressure Transmitter with 40' Polyurethane Cable, 4 - 20mA 2-Wire Signal Output, 25 PSI Range, <= 0.25% Accuracy, G1/2B Pressure Connection

Liquid level measurement in water and wastewater treatment plants, wells, holding tanks, wet wells, rivers. Piezoresistive sensor technology, Ranges from 50 InWC to 400 psi. Rated IP 68 for permanent submersion, Hastelloy case available for aggressive media. 4-20 mA 2-wire output signal, others available, lightning protection available. 145 psi Maximum pressure and 170 psi burst pressure.

Flowline Ultrasonic Level transmitter-Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Ultrasonic Level transmitter-Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Ultrasonic level transmitter detects the level of flow line fluid levels of substance. Liquids and solids of fluid basically flow in the container or tank by gravity whereas most bulk solids pile on the corner of the recess to the top. The substance to be measured can be in a container or can be in natural form (e.g., rivers or lakes). Level measurement values can be either continuous or point. Continuous level transmitter measures level within a certain range and determine the exact amount of the substance in a certain point, while point-level sensors only indicate whether the substance is above or below the sensing point. Generally, the level detected is too high or too low.

Flowline Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for medium tanks

Flowline Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for medium tanks; 2" NPT(M); 12 to 36 VDC; 4 to 20 mA output
Flowline Ricochet Small and Medium Bulk Tank Ultrasonic Level Transmitters and Controllers. Product Type: Ultrasonic Level Controls. Mount: 2" NPT(M). Temp range: -40 to 140°F(-40 to 60°C). Pressure rating: 30 psi at 25°C. Range: 6 in to 12 feet. Beam dimensions: 8° conical width. Resolution: ±0.125". Brand: Flowline. Model: LA20-5001. Power (VDC): 12 to 36. Signal output: 4 to 20 mA. Accuracy: ±0.25% of span. Material: polypropylene housing. PVDF transducerViton® gasket. Part Number: AO-43303-32. Package Quantity: EACH

 Echotouch Flowline Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Flowline Echotouch Level Ultrasonic Transmitter; power: 18 TO 36 VDC
Order model 43312-00 for general applications. Choose intrinsically-safe, CSA-approved model 43312-10 for use in hazardous locations. Easily install these two-wire transmitters into your process. LCD reads in either inches or centimeters. Order model 43312-00 for general applications. Choose intrinsically-safe, CSA-approved model 43312-10 for use in hazardous locations.

Flowline EchoSpan Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
Flowline EchoSpan Ultrasonic Level Transmitter; 32.8' Range, 2
The general purpose two-wire ultrasonic level transmitter provides non-contact levelmeasurement up to 32 'or 10m, and is ideally suited for challenging corrosive liquids, coating or waste. Transmitters are widely selected for atmospheric bulk sotrage, daytank, process vessel and waste sump applications. Examples include ink and mediawaste water. FEATURES Offered in five measurement ranges up to 32.8 '(10m) with two regular transduser''Luar 7.6 cm diameter beam for applications with limited space the band's amazing 5cm dead optimize the capacity of the small vessels filled Installation is both fast and sim.

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Differential Pressure Transmitters Calibration Guide

Differential Pressure Transmitters Calibration Guide

wire pressure transmitters
Differential pressure transmitter measures the pressure difference between two different environments. Two level transmitters are connected to two columns and used to measure the pressure of a column with respect to other columns. For example, the pressure of a column of water will be reduced from the pressure of other water column to measure the differential pressure. Calibrated pressure transmitter is very important to get the accurate measurement. Pressure transmitter calibration of these devices can be done in a few short steps.
Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter for all Suunto Computers
1. The contents of two columns of the pressure transmitter with a liquid. The second column will be connected and will have a level transmitter that is located on the column.
DGC52 : Pressure Transmitter, 0-400" Water

2. Perform the pressure transmitter calibration by setting a single column at the level of 0 percent - that is, even with the level of liquid level transmitters, so the pressure transmitter measures 0 per cent - and one column to be at 100 percent. Selection of level for this column is arbitrary as a transmitter only measure relative changes from one column to another. However, choosing round numbers, such as 1,000 millimeters of water column (mmWC).
CP Pressure Transmitter, 0 To 50 PSIG; 1 To 5 VDC Output, 1/4" NPT(M)

"These OEM pressure transmitter/transducers feature a sputtered thin film sensor to provide consistent high levels of performance and stability for large volume OEMs. A choice of electrical outputs means the unit is suitable for most applications without modification."

3. Multiply the height of the liquid with a specific gravity of liquids and re-calibrate the transmitter to a new height of liquid column to measure pressure in one particular column. Differential pressure transmitter should now be ready to take measurements.

Pda-H315:Trnsmtr -30/0inHg Digital Pressure Transmitter
PDAs Series digital pressure transmitter sensing technology integrates the latest solid state to be very flexible, easy to operate package. Adjustment range of programming features include programmable, pulse ease, zero (between) the adjustment and the user code settable lockout. Ceramic sensing system ensures a very long life cycles with virtually no shift in calibration. These features together with the package, a strong stainless steel compact PDA makes an ideal choice for OEM applications.

High-accuracy pressure transmitters

High-accuracy pressure transmitters with combination ½" NPT(F) conduit/cable compression fittings, 0
Transmitters offer exceptional long-term stability and enhanced accuracy. Typical applications include load weighing systems, compressor and dispensing equipment, lube oil pressure equipment, and factory automated equipment. RFI/EMI and ESD protection circuits exceed CE requirements protecting against noise, voltage spikes and static discharge. State-of-the-art ASIC chip in each transducer provides greater linearity correction than traditional thermal compensation methods.

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Tips on Home Blood Pressure Cuffs Calibration

Tips How to Calibrate Home Blood Pressure Cuffs Calibration

Omron HEM-711AC Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Standard Cuff
When you are having high blood pressure and your doctor has instructed you to monitor and record your blood pressure at home, you will need to get a home blood pressure monitor cuff. Monitoring your blood pressure at home may be useful for someone who has a "white coat syndrome" and that elevates blood pressure during artificial office.

However be nervous at the doctor, you might ask yourself, how do I know that this house machines accurate? That's a reasonable question because the accuracy of the clinical accuracy of the reading lies with the home machine. So, how does one determine whether home blood pressure machines accurate? Simple. All you need to do is calibrate your home blood pressure cuff. Calibration here means to check the accuracy of measurement of blood pressure in your home with a standard monitor (in this case the doctor). This how to will tell you what you need to do to calibrate monitors and home blood pressure cuff so you'll feel confident in reading 'it.

Here are some tips How to Calibrate Home Blood Pressure Cuffs

Omron Healthcare - New 2007 HEM-711DLX Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with ComFit Cuff
Purchase of Home Blood Pressure Monitor. They vary in price and size. Some monitors biceps while the other wrist monitors. You might want to check with you are doctor for the type and brand that he recommends.

Schedule an appointment with you are doctor. Tell them you want to calibrate you are home blood pressure monitor.

Take your blood pressure reading at the doctor's office you use your home blood pressure monitor. Write down the reading.
Omron Deluxe Blood Pressure Monitor
Did the doctor or nurse to measure your blood pressure using the office of their blood pressure machine. Write down the reading.

Repeat blood pressure readings in 15 minutes using both machines. This is optional, but it is a good idea.

Compare the two readings. When they are the same - great! If they are off by a few points-note that in your notes. When the difference is quite large, you are may want to return the blood pressure monitor a specific machine and buy a new one.

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Best Flue Gas Analyzers-Exhaust Gas Analyzers

Best Flue Gas Analyzers-Exhaust Gas Analyzers

Best Flue Gas Analyzer-Exhaust Gas Analyzers
A chimney flue carrying exhaust from the boiler or furnace and out of buildings. Consist of exhaust byproducts of combustion that occurs when oil or gas mixed with air and ignited in the boiler. A flue gas analyzers take samples of these gases, and their chemical composition analysis. It tracks whether the boiler running at peak efficiency, or whether it is to release high levels of pollutants like carbon monoxide or sulfur. Although each of the exhaust gas analyzer works a little differently, the basic principles are the same.

Flue gas analyzers, also known as the analysis of refinery gas, plays a very important role in the field of environmental chemistry today. Effluent flue gas is a product with high temperature combustion boiler used in the cracking and refining. Exhaust gases of particular interest to environmental chemists due to the fact that it has several components or chemicals in them that could potentially harm the environment if released unchecked. As a means to monitor the waste flue gas, flue gas analysis is positioned so as to keep tabs on the components and concentrations of the components found in the flue gas.

Here are flue gas analyzers selection:

Choose from a complete line of CO and flue gas analysis. All units of measure CO and depending on the model, you can also measure O2, temperature, pressure, and NO. Calculate CO 2, the gross net efficiency, excess air and NOx. All models include investigation of waste and bags. Choose the right model for you. Note: When selecting oil as fuel be sure to use the optional oil filter TP773 or reading can be erratic. You must use a kit that includes regulators TP715K3 TP784 when working on diesel oil and petrol pump pipe TP784 compression flow regulator must be used in any application where high velocity pressure is present

Exhaust Gas Analyzer

Universal Enterprises AGA5000 Gas Analyzer

This Exhaust Gas Analyzer is the exhaust gas is completely portable analyzer that sets new standards of comfort and ease of use. It fits comfortably in one hand and can run up to four hours on internal battery re-charged. Programmable four-or eight-line backlit display shows the measurement in real time. AGA5000 was made to use an additional covering machine fault diagnosis and tune-up verification. Checking the integral flow probe to provide warnings or blockage of the filter. Exhaust Gas Analyzer Calibration procedure allows the unit to be calibrated using standard gases of automotive testing. One year limited warranty. Includes protective rubber boot, water trap and filter, carrying case, battery charger, exhaust inspection and five extra filters.

Best Carbon Monoxide Analyzer-Carbon Monoxide Gas Analyze

Best Carbon Monoxide Analyzer-Carbon Monoxide Gas Analyze

Carbon Monoxide Analyzer

Carbon monoxide gas is odorless and colorless which is formed from incomplete combustion of organic compounds. Most of the deaths caused by carbon monoxide is usually the result of the fire building. However, a significant portion is caused by damaged or blocked exhaust system. In addition, these gases can be very toxic because it is effective in blocking the delivery of oxygen and the most severe effects of organs such as brain and heart. At this time, this article will give you some tips that will help you to look at carbon monoxide poisoning.

Here are carbon monoxide analyzer selections:

CO91 is used to check ambient CO levels, find leaks along flue pipes, or measure the concentration of CO in the flue gas from furnaces or residential combustion appliances. With links to optional infrared printer, results can be printed to document test results, including the date and time. Perform adjustment tool, and then given the highest level of CO to CO Max function. With this function you can test the temperature of the outlet temperature register, or monitor the temperature of the stack gas. Three year limited warranty.
  • Simple to operate DMM style selector
  • Measure ambient levels of CO or CO concentration in flue gas
  • CO. MAX capture the highest value
  • Measurement of ambient temperature for gas or pile
  • Auto-zero at power up
  • Get UEI C091 Carbon Monoxide Analyzer with Carrying Case today!
Analox Carbon Monoxide Analyzer

Analox Carbon Monoxide Analyzer

Carbon monoxide - the problem: - small CO concentrations can affect the body, and symptoms can include headache, fatigue, confusion and dizziness. Too long may cause unconsciousness, brain damage or even death. - A number of incidents of CO poisoning in sport divers have been reported worldwide. In August 2010, the Australian divers reported experiencing CO poisoning. He was flown by rescue helicopter from diving in North Queensland, with symptoms including memory problems and severe headaches. Specifications - Sensor range: 1 to 50ppm CO - Sensor accuracy: + / - (1% FS + 5%) - Sensor response time: <20 seconds - Sensor drift: <6ppm CO (annual) - Power: one 9V PP3 battery - Display: 2 digit - operating temperature: 0 to 50degC - Storage temperature: -10 to 50degC

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