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Liquid Level Transmitter-Liquid Level Measurement-Liquid Level Sensor

Liquid Level Transmitter-Liquid Level Measurement-Liquid Level Sensor

Liquid level transmitter LS-10 is designed for economical and reliable performance in a wide range of level measurement applications. LS-10 provides 4-20mA output signal and an accuracy of 0.25 percent of span. Standard pressure ranges are assembled with full-length cable for fast delivery. Compensation for changes in atmospheric pressure is achieved through a ventilation tube in the cable. Many accessories, including cable clamps, dryer drying cartridges, additional weights, and junction boxes are available for special installation requirements. This model can be equipped with attachments LevelGuard for protection in difficult environments. Body: Stainless steel. Pressure connection and diaphragm: Stainless steel. Protective cap: PA. Power supply U (B): 10.

Feature of Liquid level transmitter

WIKA LS-10 Submersible Liquid Level Pressure Transmitter with 40' Polyurethane Cable, 4 - 20mA 2-Wire Signal Output, 25 PSI Range, <= 0.25% Accuracy, G1/2B Pressure Connection

Liquid level measurement in water and wastewater treatment plants, wells, holding tanks, wet wells, rivers. Piezoresistive sensor technology, Ranges from 50 InWC to 400 psi. Rated IP 68 for permanent submersion, Hastelloy case available for aggressive media. 4-20 mA 2-wire output signal, others available, lightning protection available. 145 psi Maximum pressure and 170 psi burst pressure.

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