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Infrared Moisture Analyzer-Infrared Moisture Analyzer-Portable Moisture Analyzers

Infrared Moisture Analyzer-Infrared Moisture Analyzer-Portable Moisture Analyzers

Infrared Moisture Analyzer is a sensitive part of the equipment used to specify the moisture content of various samples. Meanwhile you're sitting on a sample of electronic balance, the room heats the sample with infrared radiation.

MJ33 Infrared Moisture Analyzer
Mettler Toledo MJ33 0.01 Percent Moisture Content Readability Infrared Moisture Analyzer
The MJ33 Infrared Moisture Analyzer offers rugged design, basic functionality, and simple operation for daily routine inspection. It is particularly well – suited for use on the factory floor where samples are tested day in and day out requiring a simple and rugged instrument that provides a very long service life. The MJ33 uses two metal heating elements that dry the sample and deliver reliable results (0.05 percent repeatability moisture content). Routine work is made simple by the instrument led, step by step testing instructions displayed on the LCD back lit display. Fixed end point determination omits the need for programming the switch off criterion further simplifying the operation of the instrument. The MJ33 reliably verifies whether the moisture content meets the specifications, sample by sample, day in, day out.

Halogen Moisture Analyzer
Mettler Toledo HR83P Halogen Moisture Analyzer With Built In Printer
The HR83P Mettler Toledo is the analysis of humidity ideal professional solution for regulated environments. With state of art measurement technology, HR83P allow a reliable analysis of substances with very low the moisture content. A resolution of 0.001 percent and 0.01 percent the moisture content the moisture content measurement repeatability deliver exceptional performance. Circular halogen moisture analyzer 'lamp and gold-plated reflector design ensures excellent reproducibility and rapid heating of your sample. You can also choose from 4 programs drying, a standard step, fast, gentle, and multi for your tailor testing to achieve optimal results within a few minutes. It also comes AutoMet HR83P, methods Mettler Toledo's development program. With AutoMet, the optimal testing methods can be developed for you by the entry of a simple substance of some of the reference and the target value cut development time by 50 percent. Up to 40 test method can be stored for quick and easy to remember and repeat testing. Operation of the moisture analyzer is made easy with backlit LCD and intuitive menus. For full regulatory compliance, HR83P comes equipped with 3 levels of password protection, and fully traceable sample identification and checking of instruments to secure and documented results. HR83P model comes with a built in printer, allowing you to get a print out of your test results without having to connect to an external printer.

Portable Moisture Analyzer

Portable Moisture Analyzer
Convenient and portable, this analysis could see moisture quickly check the performance of gas dryers for compressed air, breathing air and pure gas supplies. Planar capacitive sensor combines accurate dewpoint measurements with fast response time. The sensor is stored in a very dry environment in which speed up the analysis of response time measurements. This instrument can be configured according to the desired moisture unit of measure, unit of measure temperature, or other operating parameters. Measures dewpoint in the shoulder straps come standard planar gas sensors in the drying chamber for various pressure dewpoint measurement fastest response-100C to +20 C humidity user selected measurement unit Fully portable - powered by four common "D" batteries with auto shut down feature two non-IS output large voltage Auto 4 digit LCD screen turn off the timer.

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