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Exhaust Emissions Standard and Test

Portable Exhaust Gas Analyzer
As the Earth rotates toward a greener future, standards for emission is ever growing. Does that exhaust emissions or the burning of fossil fuels for energy, demand to reduce the harmful gases and particles has become a major focus of organizations and governments around the world. Emission targets include Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, halocarbons, and sulfur hexafluoride.

A well maintained old car can have cleaner exhaust and lower emissions than the five-year-old car that has not been maintained. The key is to properly maintain your car, and be careful with major modifications. Some modifications can result in close scrutiny include things like modifying the exhaust to remove the catalytic converters. Exhaust leaks can also cause failure. One of the main causes of high emission levels is a car out of time, enough to have set the time correctly is a great first step. Non-sealing gas cap can cause problems by allowing the escape of gas vapor, it is checked in several countries. The EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve should work fine. EGR valve routes you back to some of the exhaust manifold is basically re-burn to reduce emissions.

Oxygen sensors in most new cars can also lead to failure if it is damaged. Oxygen sensor that measures how much oxygen in the exhaust, and report that information back to the engine computer. If the sensor does not work properly, the engine computer can not properly manage machine.

Many of the sensors and the item will result in check engine light in a car, so make sure your car is fixed and does not have a check engine light visible. Catalytic converter is the most expensive item, most likely, so check everything else first. So, your plan of attack must, make sure there is no check engine light on.

Make sure that if you have a big engine or exhaust modifications that they were able to test emissions. Having set the time correctly.

Make sure you drive the car until the first warm because the catalytic converter needs heat to work. A good fuel additive can also help with Performance Improver Amsoil fuel additive formulated to reduce  hydrocarbons by 15 percent, and reduce carbon monoxide by 26 percent, and reduce nitrogen oxides to 17 percent, all for about ten bucks.

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